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Following are some CD recommendations.  They are the work of some very talented people who deserve, and appreciate, our support. 

They may or may not be available in stores, so I'm providing you with the links to the websites where you can listen to song clips and purchase those you like.  Enjoy!


Music Producer/Dancer Edwin Rivera releases new CD - M.I.M.E.

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CD review - Music with a Latin vibe for your consideration - click here

(About Susie Hansen Latin Band, Octavio Figueroa y la Combinacion, Janeen Puente, and Daniel Amat)


Echa Pa' Ca'!

Efrain Omar's very Puerto Rican sounding CD Echa Pa'Ca'!, of his own composition and production, can be perused HERE

Ramses Araya's Timbaleo

Timbaleo is directed by Costa Rican percussionist Ramses Araya.  The complete CD is available for purchase and for listening at


Johnny Polanco's "Amistad Para El Mundo Entero"

The sample playing on the main page is of "El Gusto de Mi Salsa", score#2 in Johnny's new CD ,which contains 14 new songs and 2 bonus tracks.  "El Gusto de Mi Salsa" was composed and arranged by Jesus A. Perez, a Cuban musician residing in Canada, who also worked on another seven tracks of this CD.  The vocals belong to the fabulous Frankie Vazquez.  Other guest artists include Azuquita, Frankie Morales, Jimmy Bosch, Ray de La Paz and Ray Ramos.

My favorites:  Track #2 "El Gusto de Mi Salsa," and Track #3 "Con Computadora No."  My guess is these two songs will be hits on the dance floor.  Check


Ruben Esteva's CD "Realidad"

The songs are Esteva's inspiration and the arrangements and music were done by very talented musicians you may know from L.A. groups, such as Hector Manuel Rivera (pianist and director of Tabaco y Ron,) Joey de Leon (conguero of the Poncho Sanchez band,)  Cesar Espinoza (timbalero of Los Duenos del Son,) and so forth.

Available for purchase at


SON DE TIKIZIA: Pa┤ los Pies

Son De Tikizia's CD "Pa' Los Pies - Salsa Dura" - from Costa Rica! - Listen to tracks and purchase CD at

Walter Flores is the group's musical director and, perhaps unknowingly, you may have already heard his work, as he participated with Ruben Blades on the CD "Mundo."

The lead vocalist on the "Pa' Los Pies" CD, Alfredo Poveda, for starters has a voice that, at least to me, sounds similar to Blades, or perhaps it seems so because he did second voice for him in "Mundo," and maybe, it's now familiar.

I had a hard time deciding which track, out of 5,6,7,9,10 and 11, to load to the's main page.  All of them are beautiful songs that will for sure be a pleasure to dance to.  The lyrics and music of track #6, "Juan Gonzalez," are by Ruben Blades. The rest are the music and arrangements of Walter Flores with the lyrics collaboration of Alfredo Poveda, Danilo Castro, Marco Arias, and others.

A few songs on the CD are on the experimental side, and rather to attempt to explain it myself, check out the Descarga review by Peter Watrous, which describes it better than I could ever.

The CD is available for purchase on  It is also at a better price on CDBaby, and downloadable on mp3 form.


FRANK CANO: A Beautiful Day / Un Lindo Dia

Frank Cano - "A Beautiful Day"


album cover






album cover

Luis Centeno y su Orquesta Melaza - "Rumba Callejera"


Luis Centeno y su Orquesta Melaza - "Guaguanco de Caserio"



album cover

Orquesta La Verdad - "From a different perspective"


Orquesta Opa Opa - "Los Paisajes"



The Dimelo Records collection

     Orquesta Tabaco y Ron 

             Chino Espinoza y los Due˝os del Son

                     La Charanga Cubana

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